Collection centers are the centers of selective reception of products for reuse of municipal waste for further treatment : preparation for reuse, recovery and disposal . These facilities are aimed at hazardous waste in small quantities ( p . Eg . Paints, solvents , batteries, etc. ) , bulky waste ( p . Ex. Furniture, appliances , etc. ), vegetables, debris and other fractions They can be selectively collected and utilized .
Through collection centres, enable higher levels of selective collection to be achieved and also supports the municipal waste collection service.

As of 14 March 2015 amending the root text of the law regulating waste collection centers that wish to develop activities can reuse products if they meet two conditions:

  • hat the provisions of its bylaws and
  • the holder of the product stating his intention to destine to reuse.    


Collection centre operation

What we can take to a collection centre - Collection centre users - Collection centre management