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Industrial waste

In accordance with Article 3 of the Legislative Decree 1/2009 of 21st July approving the revised text of the Law regulating waste, industrial waste is defined as solid, gas or liquid materials that result from a process of manufacture, transformation, use, consumption or cleaning by the producer or owner who wishes to get rid of these substances. This cannot and be considered municipal waste. Only waste producers who are considered to be industries can generate this kind of waste.

Due to its large quantities and its characteristics, industrial waste has a specific management programme and management model. The current management model is based on legal instruments such as waste catalogues and the management guide. The main agents involved are the producer, the haulier and the manager. The model also determines which documents are required. In particular, industrial producers must make an annual waste declaration, which constitutes a basic management and planning tool.

Waste management manual

Manual in PDF format ? What model do I have to apply? - Management models

E3L Project

Is a standard developed by the Autonomous Communities to facilitate the exchange of information among the different ones public and private entities

Annual packaging declaration (DAE)

Packers inform of the amount of packaging and packaged products placed on the domestic market in the previous year