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Mineral oils

Used mineral oil is any industrial oil that has become unsuitable for its initial use. This definition includes the following in particular: mineral oils used in combustion engines and transmission systems; mineral oils used as lubricants; those used in turbines and hydraulic systems; as well as mixtures and emulsions that contain these oils. This definition includes the waste oil that corresponds to those in the European Waste List (EWL):

1301 Waste hydraulic oils
1302 Waste engine, gear and lubricating oils
1303 Waste insulating and heat transmission oils
1305 Oil/water separator contents
1308 Oil wastes not otherwise specified

Used industrial oils are hazardous waste, in accordance with current regulations. These oils are generated periodically in maintenance activities: car repair shops, all kinds of industries, fishing ports and pleasure harbours, agricultural machinery, etc. This definition excludes vegetable oil (produced during cooking, by the restaurant industry, etc.).

Law 2/2014 of 27 January, fiscal, administrative, financial and public sector Regulatory Act was amended Waste establishing compulsory regenerate 100% of the oils produced in Catalonia.

Royal Decree 679/2006, of 2nd June, on the management of used industrial oils, establishes the creation of an integrated management system (IMS) by oil manufacturers to ensure the management of their oils when they become waste and to assume the total cost of the operations required for their correct management (collection, transport and treatment). In Catalonia, two integrated management systems (IMS) have been authorised for used industrial oils: Sistema Integrado de Gestión de Aceites Usados, S. L. (SIGAUS) and Sistema Integrado de Gestión de Productores Independientes, S. L. (SIGPI).