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Spanish Law 9/2006, of 28th April, concerning the assessment of the effects of certain plans and programmes on the environment(spanish version) in Final Provision Five amends section1 of Article 2 of Law 11/1997, of 24th April on packaging and packaging waste, in regard to the definition of packaging.

In this respect, the new definition was worded as follows:

“Article 2.1 Packaging: Any product manufactured with materials of any type and used to contain, protect, handle, distribute and present merchandise, from raw materials to finished articles, at any stage of production, distribution or consumption. All disposable articles used for the same purpose are also considered packaging. This concept includes only sales or primary packaging, collective or secondary packaging and transport or tertiary packaging. Also considered packaging are articles that comply with the abovementioned definition without detriment to other functions that the packaging may fulfil, except when the article forms part of a product for the whole of its useful life, and all its elements are to be used, consumed or disposed of together.

Considered packaging are articles designed and intended to be filled at the point of sale and disposable articles sold full or designed and intended to be filled at the point of sale, provided that they fulfil the function of packaging.

Elements of packaging and auxiliary elements within it are considered part of the packaging to which they are joined; auxiliary elements hanging directly from the product or tied to it and fulfilling the function of packaging are considered packaging, except when they form part of the product and all their elements are to be consumed together.

Industrial or commercial packaging is that for exclusive use and consumption in industry, shops, services or agricultural and stockbreeding concerns and which, therefore, are not for ordinary use and consumption in private homes."




Article 15 of the Regulation to develop and execute Law 11/1997, of 24th April, on packaging and packaging waste establishes the information with which economic agents must supply government agencies.

Management tools specified in the regulations SDDR-GIS

Deposit and Return System (DRS) - Integrated Management System (IMS) - Study of the implementation of a DRS

Specific legal framework

This is the alternative used most frequently by packagers of products for home consumption.

Pesticide packaging

Pesticide productsPesticide products are those intended to combat all possible illnesses and plagues affecting the crops (herbicides, insecticides and fungicides). Once the pesticide has been finished, the waste left in the packaging must be suitably dealt with. The inadequate use of pesticides and the uncontrolled elimination of empty packagings may have negative consequences on the environment and agricultural medium.