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Cattle manure

Cattle manure is the excrement and waste excreted by animals alone or mixed, even though it might have been transformed. Normally, different types of cattle manure are distinguished (solid manure, liquid manure, hen droppings) depending on the origin and dry matter content.

One of the main destinations for livestock manure is its application to agricultural soils as organic fertilizer, since it is, in most cases, an instrument for the maintenance / increase of the organic matter content of the soil (and, indirectly, of its physical fertility) as well as a source of nutritional elements for crops. The management of livestock manure in an operation can be done within the agricultural framework, outside the agricultural framework or a combination of the two types of management:

  • Management in the agrarian framework: this system consists in the agricultural application of manure in an agricultural base, and contemplates the treatments in origin that can be carried out in livestock farms.
  • Management outside the agricultural framework: management through a waste manager authorized by the Waste Agency of Catalonia.



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