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Causes and effects of soil contamination

Causes i efectes de la contaminació del sòl


1 Incorrect storage of products and/or waste inindustrial activities
2 Uncontrolled waste disposal
3 Industrial construction and demolition waste
4 Underground drums
5 Incorrect storage of products or waste
6 Accidents in goods transport
7 Leaks from tanks or faulty operations
8 Uncontrolled waste water disposal
9 Incorrect use of pesticides and/or manures
10 Old sewers in a poor state
11 Former waste burial
12 Deposition of air pollutants

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1 Surface water contamination
2 Ground water contamination
3 River sediment contamination
4 Evaporation of volatile compounds
5 Contamination of air inside houses
6 Use of contaminated water for supply
7 Ingestion of contaminated soil
8 Recreational use of contaminated surface waters
9 Danger in digging
10 Contamination of farm vegetables and animals throughthe use of ground waters

Good practice

Good practice
A Controlled waste landfill
B Industries with adequate prevention and protection measures
C New sewer networks
D Waste water purifier
E Liquid manure storage basin

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Update:  09.09.2009