The Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2017 recognises products, products under development and strategies designed, manufactured or executed in Catalonia which incorporate in their design aspects aimed at improving their environmental performance over the course of their life cycle.

It is aimed at product designers or manufacturers, strategy promoters or students in Catalonia.

The award has four categories: Product, Product Developing Strategy and Design Young
The period for nominations opened on 16 January 2017 and end on 28 February 2017 at 12:00 noon.

For the 2017 edition, the award has 4 categories, all aimed at participants from Catalonia.

Category A. Product
Product already in the market which has been designed or manufactured in Catalonia and which takes into account environmental considerations.
Entries may be submitted by the natural person or corporate entity who/which designs or manufactures the product.

Category B. Product under development
Project of a product, not yet manufactured or marketed (but at the prototype stage), designed in Catalonia, which takes into account environmental considerations.
Entries may be submitted by any natural person or corporate entity who/which has promoted the development of a product project or its designer.

Category C. Strategy
Initiative, policy, procedure or system, implemented or executed in Catalonia, which incorporates the use or fostering of ecodesigned products.
Entries may be submitted by any natural person or corporate entity who promotes the strategy.

Category D. Young design
Product in the market, product under development or strategy, with ecodesign criteria, developed by students or newly qualified professionals in Catalonia.
Entries may be submitted by any natural person who is carrying out or has completed his/her upper secondary school studies, occupational training cycle or university studies in Catalonia. In the case of newly qualified professionals, entries may be submitted by those who have completed their studies in Catalonia no earlier than 1th October 2014.

In all the categories, the concept of product encompasses products and services. 

a) Basic criteria:

  • Incorporation of significant ecodesign strategies in the life cycle.
  • Quality of the design.
  • Innovation.
  • For products under development, degree of development of the submitted entry.

 b) Additional criteria:

  • Application of environmental evaluation methodologies.
  • Potential environmental benefit.
  • Possession of labels that accredit the environmental benefits of the product.
  • Implementation of the environmental management system in the design and development process (Ecodesign, ISO 14006).
  • Social and economic impact.
  • Implementation of communication and awareness strategies


Exclusion from participation

Products already in the market, products under development or strategies are not eligible for submission to the award if they are in any of the situations listed below:

  1. If they have already been submitted for the Catalonia Ecodesign Award or the Design for Recycling Award on previous occasions, unless they have undergone a substantial redesign or improvement that makes a new evaluation necessary.
  2. If they are submitted simultaneously in more than one of the listed categories, whether approached from the same or a different perspective.
  3. If their main value is artistic (works of art).
  4. If they are buildings or other complex architectural elements.
  5. If they are one-off items that cannot be mass-produced.
  6. If a member of the judging panel has participated actively in the entry submission as a designer, manufacturing company or distributor of the product, or as the promoter of a strategy.


The representative of the award entry accepts full responsibility for the entry and guarantees authorship of it. The submitted design must in no way infringe upon the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of a third party. The award entrant will be held fully liable in the event of an infringement on the rights of a third party.

Evaluation of submitted entries

The accepted entries will be evaluated in two stages:

Stage 1: The initial selection is made by a team of experts appointed by the Waste Agency of Catalonia.
Stage 2: The entries which get through the first stage are evaluated by the judging panel, which then selects the winning entries for each category.

Registration form available from 16 January 2017.

Related information

The judging panel is composed of international experts on design and sustainability.

  • €5,000 for the winner of each category.
  • Entry included in the Award Exhibition
  • Entry included in the Award Catalogue
  • Entry included in the Award dissemination activities

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