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Awards and prizes

The Agència de Residus de Catalunya recognize the work of individuals and legal entities in the sector of environment and specifically for waste.



Catalonia Ecodesign award

Ecodesign can be defined as the integration of environmental aspects in the design of a product or service in order to improve its environmental performance throughout its entire life cycle. Eco-design strategies can be summarized in the following groups:

  1. Development of new concepts
  2. Reduction in the comsumption of materials
  3. Selection of materials with low enviromental impact
  4. Reduction of the environmental impact of production
  5. Optimization of the distribution
  6. Increase in service life
  7. Optimization of the end of life

Eco-design is one of the tools that can help achieve a more efficient world in the use of resources and, at the same time, can boost the economy and generate employment in our communities. Some companies are already using it, but it is still not a generalized strategy in the design of new products and services. In addition, consumer habits must continue to evolve so that these new products and more sustainable services are more appreciated and demanded.

To help change these models of production and consumption, the Generalitat de Catalunya has organized since 2001 a prize that distinguishes innovative, quality and environmentally sustainable products. The Prize was created as a Design Award for Recycling, but since 2015 it has become the Catalonia Ecodesign Award, although it has expanded its scope to integrate all the aspects involved in sustainability of the products - saving of resources, design of new models of consumption, optimization of the end of life, etc. This Award recognizes products, product development and product development strategies that are designed to improve the environmental performance of products and services throughout their life cycle. It is celebrated every two years.

It is part of the Catalan Ecodesign Strategy, for a circular and eco-innovative economy - Ecodesign, an eco-innovation tool that aims to promote the circular economy and greater sustainability when it comes to producing and consuming products .

The Waste Agency of Catalonia, an entity of the Government of Catalonia responsible for the promotion of sustainable waste management and the efficient use of resources, acts as the technical secretary of the Prize.

This Catalonia Ecodesign Award is an evolution of Design for Recycling Award, the Waste Agency of Catalonia was created in 2001 with the aim of promoting the production and consumption of products made from recycled materials and / or they were recyclable at the end of its useful life. It was one of the first actions in Catalonia applied strategies of integrated product policy and changed the emphasis from the production process to the product itself.

During the period 2001-2013 the Design for Recycling Award has been held every two years. The number of participants grew fast every year to reach an average of 200 participants in each of the last calls. Overall, in all of its seven editions, over 750 candidates participated and emerged 59 winners (among the candidates who received awards and special mentions of the jury).



Environment Awards of the Generalitat de Catalunya

In 2010, this award created in 2005, it was redefined, reducing the number of distinctions. The award information its on the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability website.


Before the 2010 award redifination, during the period 2006-2008 the Government of Catalonia Environment had an a specific award for waste reduction and recycling actions aims to recognise contributions made by members of the public to the sustainable development of this country through initiatives and actions aimed at achieving the objectives of waste prevention, reduction and recycling.