What is Form?

Definitions - Waste considered / not considered OFMSW

The biological treatment of the OFMSW

Composting and anaerobic digestion.

Why it must be recovered?

Environmental reasons - Legal reasons - Economic reasons


Features and benefits - Uses and applications


Domestic OFMSW - Commercial OFMSW - How we can reduce

Implementation of the OFMSW

Information on the state of implementation of the selective collection of the OFMSW in Catalonia and on Deployment Plans for the Selective Recollection of the OFMSW

Selective collection

Tips - Systems/models

Quantitative and qualitative data on the selective collection of FORM

Checking data and characterisations - Characterisation protocol

Home composting

What is it? - Who can compost? - What can we compost? - How can we carry out home composting? - Manuals and guides

Promoting the selective collection/management of OFMSW

Dissemination materials - ORGÀNICA exhibition - Campaign - Financial aid