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Save the date 16th Conference on Waste Prevention: "Industrial symbiosis, the road to a circular economy"

24/07/2018 14:07
image 16th Conference on Waste Prevention

Industrial symbiosis is a business strategy that seeks to improve resource efficiency (materials, energy, water, goods, experience, logistics...) taking advantage of synergies between companies and therefore reducing costs and increasing profits. It allows companies to buy and sell or share resources, including those that can be used by third parties (such as by-products), and those that are lost (such as waste heat), unused (such as rainwater) or shared (such as warehouses, transport).

Industrial symbiosis has emerged as a strategy that allows us to improve environmental conditions by closing the loop of resource usage, whilst reintroducing materials and products into productive processes. In this conference our aim is to present different success stories about this strategy and stimulate a debate among different actors in order to learn more about their implementation.

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