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Open Conference: Decentralised Management of Urban Biowaste. Project DECISIVE

26 April, 2018, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Campus Bellaterra

23/03/2018 09:03

On 26 April, 2018, an open conference on Decentralised Management of Urban Biowaste will take place at the Campus of Bellaterra of the UAB. In its context the DECISIVE project will be presented, with the participation of the partners of the Consortium, together with other projects of circular economy and decentralized management that are currently ongoing in Catalonia.  In a roundtable of experts the adjustment of decentralized management into the current centralised planning systems will be debated.

The Waste Agency of Catalonia is a Consortium member of the DECISIVE project (A DECentralIzed management Scheme for Innovative Valorization of urban biowastE), in the Horizon 2020 framework (http://www.decisive2020.eu/), which was launched in September of 2016. The Consortium is made up of different European universities, regional authorities, research institutes and companies that collaborate in a variety of tasks, according to the interdisciplinary approach of the project.

The main mission of the project is to implement a decentralized system for the treatment of the municipal biowaste in small areas, near the source of waste generation, complementing the centralized system in large facilities far from the point of generation. This approach aims at conveying to the citizens the idea of circular economy and the concept of waste is a resource, favouring the integration of this reality into their everyday routines.

One of the activities in which the ARC is involved is the realization of a pilot study for decentralized biowaste management in Catalonia. The test will be carried out at the Campus of Bellaterra of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and consists in the installation of an anaerobic micro digester to treat the biowaste generated in the restaurants of the Campus. From The process will generate biogas which can be converted into energy as well as a digest, from which bio-products of added value can be extracted.